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Benjamin K. Dean, Esquire

"I'm Attorney Ben Dean, a lawyer in Springfield, Robertson County, Tennessee.  I hope you will take a moment to review this site and I appreciate for your consideration of me and my firm in your time of trying to selecting an attorney for your legal matter.   Let me say at the outset, that you can be at ease in texting or calling me about your legal issue or question at anytime.  I am available by text message 24/7 at (615) 342-9196.  Rest assured your call or text will be confidential, and after having had thousands of clients and handled thousands of legal matters, there is nothing you will tell me that will shock me or which will cause me to judge you.  I am a problem solver and if you hire me, your problems will become my problems."  

"I have represented thousands of people in thousands of different legal matters and cases in my 15 years as an Attorney.  I have one of the broadest and wide ranging legal practices of any Attorney in Robertson County.   I am a local lawyer, born and raised in Robertson County, Tennessee, where I continue to reside in my home town of Springfield.  I am truly the country lawyer for city folks, and one client quite accurately described me as "the rich man's lawyer and poor man's too."  I am not much like any of the other attorneys you will consult with, meet or hire.  I do not use any high pressure or scare tactics to extort a high fee.  I don't tell you what you want to hear or blow smoke about the reality of your case and will tell you like it is and what I expect to be able to accomplish.  99% of my cases are taken on a contingency fee (I don't get paid unless you get paid) or I charge reasonable flat fee prices and usually can offer a payment plans to my clients.  Except under very limited circumstances, I DO NOT CHARGE BY THE HOUR.  Most lawyers who work by the hour have a bad habit of making up unnecessary work in order to bill more hours of time at often $300-$400 an hour, as their number one task on your case, rather than doing things that accomplish moving your case forward toward the objection and end result.  The difference this makes in the handling your case is dramatic, in that rather than me focusing on activities to generate revenue and fees for me, I am focused on completeing your case quicker and without delay. I do want needs to be done and do not ordinarily bill clients for telephone calls, emails or other communications.  I have learned that when you help people the money will come and I have been blessed in my professional life in that I have been very successful without "billing" clients.   My mission is to help the people of my community by offering my services as a highly skilled and experienced attorney at an affordable and reasonable price, or on a contingency basis."

Areas of Practice

Ben is one of the most experienced lawyers in Springfield/Robertson County and has actively practices in the following areas of law:

Ben is one of the leading Criminal Defense Attorneys in Springfield, Tennessee.  He has represented literally thousands of defendant's facing criminal charges, rangin from routine cases to criminal homicide, sex crimes, and A Felony drug charges.  He is in Criminal Courts in Robertson County three to four days a week, handling full range of cases in both General Sessions and Circuit Court.  He routinely handles the following cases:

(1)   DUI- If your facing a DUI, it is important to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the local prosecutors.  These cases largely come down to blood test results.  I am not going to lie to you if you have a tough case.  If you have a case that there is not much of a defense, I will do my best to try and obtain you a favorable settlement or if that is not possible I will guide you through the complicated process following DUI conviction, which for some clients is inevitable under the facts of their case.

(2)   DOMESTIC ASSUALT-  Ben knows that even the best families can have things get out of hand sometimes.      Ben can help you get back with your spouse and get bond conditions modified, and get your family back together.  

(3)    DRUG CHARGES-  Ben has handled all ranges of Drug Charges, including successfully challenging corrupt law enforcement and confidential informants (a.k.a. snitches.)


I have been one of the top three filers of divorces in Robertson County, Tennessee for the last ten years and regularly file in excess of 100 divorce actions a year.  If your looking for a Bulldog lawyer look no further.  Ben doesn't take shit from other attorneys and his bark had bite, with skills, confidence and experience that most attorneys simply don't have.  Ben offers low costs uncontested divorce with divorces starting at $750.00 for persons without children and $950.00 for an uncontested divorce with children.  


Ben also is skilled in the processing of obtaining adoptions(contested and uncontested)  as well as the surrogacy process and obtaining pre-birth orders. 


Ben files more personal injury and contingency cases in Robertson County Circuit Court than any other lawyer in the County.  Ben has recovered millions and millions of dollars in indemnity and insurance payments to his clients. Unlike the TV lawyers, I personally handle these cases and rather than pursuing a quick low ball settlement, I work  my cases to obtain a fair settlement.  If the insurance company doesn't want to be fair, I am prepared to take your case to trial.   Ben has the hindsight of having been an insurance defense attorney and to have represented numerous governmental entities in the defense of torts for the first 6 years of his law practice.  Ben knows how to prepare a case for trial and what the defense is planning to do and thinking.  A personal injury case is like a house of cards, with the difference elements of liability, damages and, medical proof.  If the house of cards is not built properly, it only takes a little bit of wind to blow the house of cards (your case) down.  Ben is skilled in handling the following types of injury law:

(1) Automobile Accidents/Wrongful Death-  Ben use to represent State Farm, USAA, and other major insurance carriers, but now is 100% devoted to representing injured persons and preventing insurance companies from depriving good honest people from obtaining the compensation they deserve. 

(2) Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents-  People are often hurt worse from a fall than a car accident, especially older senior citizens who can easily break a hip or sustain a serious head injury.  Ben has obtained some of his largest settlements and verdicts against local retailers such as Kroger's, Walmart, Dollar General and Sav-A-Lot for hazardous and dangerous conditions which injured innocent and unsuspecting customers.  

(3) Medical Mal-practice/Health Care Liability-  Ben is one of the few attorneys in Robertson County who has the skills and resources to pursue medical mal practice cases and reviews the cases statewide.  Ben worked in the defense of medical malpractice claims for his first six years of legal practice on behalf of State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company.   Ben know the billions of dollars in resources that the doctors and hospitals have to defend claims and is ready to be your David against the Goliath that is the modern healthcare industry.

(4) Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect-  Bedsores, Falls/Broken bones, Bed Sores, Infections, Covid-19 deaths.


Ben is the only lawyer in Robertson County who maintains an active Civil Rights(Section 1983) excessive force and malicious prosecution practice.  Ben has filed suit on behalf of clients against several local police agencies and municipalities in response to abuses committed by aggressive officers and "dirty cops."  Ben worked his first six years assisting in the defense of State and Federal Civil Rights cases for governmental entities for insurance carriers, (ACS, WIllis Coroon, Tennessee Municipal League), and knows these cases from all aspects and defenses.   The presence of Student Resource Officers in schools who often acts as a security force for the principals, with little to no training on how to properly handle disciplinary issues, is leading to a plethora of viable excessive force cases where children and students are handled with excessive force to include unlawful arrest, excessive physical restrained and assault. 


Ben is the only consumer lawyer in Springfield/Robertson County working in the areas of Fair Credit, Fair Debt and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for individuals and class action members.  He is a member of the National Association of Consumer Attorneys (NACA) and handles the following cases:

Fair Credit Reporting Act/ Errors on your Credit Report

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (T.C.P.A.)


Ben prepares 2-5 wills a week for clients and drafts trusts, and other estate planning documents such as living wills, powers of attorneys and property deeds.  Unlike most other attorneys, Ben typically charges a flat fee on Probate Matters, and rather than depleting your loved ones estate, he will charge a reasonable flat fee.


About Me

I am a graduate of Springfield Highschool.  I graduated from Austin Peay State University in 2002. I went on to study law at the University of Memphis, where I graduated in 2005 at the age of 23 years old. I began work as an associate at the firm Batson Nolan PLC in Clarksville TN, where I practiced until 2011, when I left to open my own firm in Springfield, Tennessee.  I opened my own practice in November of 2011, with offices in both Robertson and Montgomery Counties, and I have been dedicated %100 to helping ordinary everyday people solve their legal problems since that time.

It costs nothing to call me. Let me help you in this difficult time in your life.


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