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Excessive Force

Excessive Force/Civil Rights/Police Brutality

  • Police shootings
  • Excessive force and police brutality, including cases involving the use of Tasers
  • Jail inmate abuse, including excessive force and physical, sexual and psychological abuse
  • Unlawful death at the hands of police or guards
  • False imprisonment/illegal detention or arrest by police
  • Unlawful arrest and conviction, also known as malicious prosecution
  • Unlawful search and seizure, like an illegal home or auto-search that violates the Fourth Amendment

Ben knows there are good cops and bad cops.  95% of police officers are decent and honorable human beings.  But when police officers begin to act like they are above the law and needlessly abuse and beat innocent persons, Ben is not afraid to challenge the police state and take on the Government to obtain justice for his client and to help effectuate a change in Government policies and procedure.  Ben is one of the few middle Tennessee Attorneys who is knowledgeable and experienced in pursuing law enforcement agencies and personnel for excessive force injuries.   Ben has represented victims of abusive police practices in Federal Court under Section 1982 of the Civil Rights Act against both Robertson County and the City of Greenbrier Police Department.   These cases have all resulted in changes to policies and noticeably better treatment of citizens by law enforcement. These excessive force cases are important in that they make police departments accountable for their personnel and policies, and ensure that no one, not even a cop, is above the law.   If you have been the victim of highly aggressive or abusive police practices, call Ben now.  It costs nothing to call.  (615) 384-8019


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