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Consumer Law


Got errors on your credit Report?  Ben can help.   

Ben is the only Consumer Lawyer in Robertson County, who is devoted %100 to representing the consumers against banks, insurance companies and credit reporting agencies.   He is a member of the National Association of Consumer Attorneys (NACA) and regularly represents individuals in the following types of cases:

(1)  Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA);  (Credit Reporting Errors, Mistaken Identity)  Yes, you have the right to sue the credit bureaus for failing to investigate your disputes and in willfully failing to correct misleading or inaccurate data and information that affects your credit score.  If you have called attorney after attorney about your identify being stolen or errors on your credit report, you probably could not find an attorney to help you or who knows what to do.  You don't have to look any further, just call Ben.

(2)  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act/Debt Defense;  Robo Calls, Calls to Employers/Friends or Cell Phones from Creditors;  Aggressive and Annoying Collection Agencies.   If you are being sued by midland funding, LVNV Funding or any other debt buyer, I can likely obtain the dismissal or favorable settlement of the debt.

(3)  Wrongful Repossession;  The police cannot actively participate in the repossession of an automobile and repo men cannot breach the peace in repossessing a car.  If you experience any breach of the peace or the police get activly invovled in the reposition of your automobile, call Ben ASAP.

(4)  Tennessee Consumer Protection Act;  General fraud, misrepresentations and other deceptive practices and acts.

You do not have to be a victim.  Call Attorney Ben Dean today for your free initial consultation. 

Also remember to record any interactions and conversations with the creditors and to save any messages or other communications as evidence for your  case.


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